(2022 Performers List Coming Soon)

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U.S. Navy Blue Angels

Here come the Blues! The United States Navy Blue Angels return with their adrenaline – rushing performance to Tennessee.

fat albert blue angels c 130 SM.jpg

Fat Albert

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels C-130 returns to the Memphis skies for the first time since 2014! 


U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor

See the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor a single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed for the United States Air Force.


P-51 Mustang

Hear the beautiful purr of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine and step back in time as this WWII classic puts on a display!

Curtiss Helldiver sm.jpg

CSB Helldiver 

The last airworthy Curtis 2CSB Helldiver a two-seat scout bomber and dive bomber built by the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. It was the last military biplane procured by the U.S. Navy Delivered in 1937, it became obsolete even before World War II. 

Power2Fly_Skydivers Clint.png

Power2Fly Skydivers 

Clint Chamales dazzles audiences with his thrilling free fall routine!


Mike Wiskus

Mike Wiskus's passion for aviation started when he was very young. Mike has accumulated more than 24,000 flight hours and has qualified in more than 40 aircraft.


B-17 Flying Fortress

The B-17 Flying Fortress is one of the most recognized and famous Flying Fortresses currently on the airshow circuit.


Skip Stewart

Skip Stewart is one of the most entertaining airshow pilots in the world today. His flying has been featured in magazines that include Smithsonian Air & Space, AOPA, Sports Illustrated, World Airshow News, Auto Pilot as well as in multiple international publications.


Stearman Formation Team

Celebrate America’s iconic biplane soar through the skies.

p2f para team.jpg

P2F ParaDevils

5-Man Paragliding Team, comprised of pilots from around the world. These pilots take pride is showcasing the unique form of flight that is, powered paragliding. The team strives to represent the flying community well, and instill in the curious everywhere, that flying is no longer a dream. It is a reality.

fed ex m10.jpg

FedEx MD-10

FedEx MD-10-10 Aircraft Donation including Landing, Water Cannon Salute & Tours.

Bulldog Flight Team.jpg

Bulldog Flight Team

Bulldog Flight is a Formation Team flying Experimental RV aircraft. 

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Tommy Palmer

Tommy Palmer, began flying in 1990. The aerial demonstration portion features the Vans Aircraft RV-8 demonstrating high speed IFR cruise, long range, and relatively short grass field operations. This demonstration will focus on the aerobatic capabilities and the sheer fun of operation they provide. 

T-6 Formation Team sm.jpg

T-6 Formation Team

CAF Delta Squadron, 4-Man T-6 formation, Justin Spence.

T-6 Aerobatic performance, David Peeler.

David Peeler 

T-6 Aerobatic performance, David Peeler.

Phillips 66 Aerostars.jpg

Phillips 66 Aerostars 

The Phillips 66 Aerostars have been performing together, side by side at around 250 mph, for more than a decade. And while these guys are precision aerobatic pilots, they stay pretty well grounded.

** All performers subject to change


C-17 Globemaster sm.jpg

C-17 Globemaster

The Boeing C-17 Globemaster operated by the 164th Air National Guard Airlift Wing in Memphis is America's battle ready transport aircraft.

C-45 Expeditor

Training every WWII bomber pilot, the Beechcraft C-45 operated by The Museum of Flight in Hixon, Tennessee is a perfect working example of this aircraft. Includes interactive STEM Display.


T-28 Trojan

The North American T-28 Trojan was the U.S. Navy's most reliable trainer during the Vietnam era. 

L-2 Grasshopper.jpg

L-2 Grasshopper

The Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper is a living piece of history offering battlefield reconnaissance during WWII. 

T-34 Mentor sm.jpg

T-34 Mentor 

From Talladega, Alabama, come see this pristine example of a Korean War era U.S. Navy Trainer.


F-18 Cockpit

Ever wanted to have your picture taken in the cockpit of an F-18 like a TOP GUN pilot? Now's the chance to make your dream a reality.